Song from my heart

Even though the rhyme get lost, I leave it here to you in case you read it someday.. I’m not a hip hop singer, but I am trying with my writing And if I sang, I’d dedicate this to you fast and slow As you believed we latins aren’t just good lovers Now you’ll see what we’re good for besides the last thing You used to tell me I’m horrible plenty of times For that you made me feel terrible many times Well, maybe my face it’s like a crater But I know I’m not horrible about my character Don’t call strange boy to the one that doesn’t hesitate to face things and tell the truth While you used to hide behind your friends and just talk shit about me Even though everybody knew I used to treat you like a queen Now I’ll give you a little taste of what horrible really is to England I tried to talk with you and fix things more than once And you used to abandon the discussion apparently with no reason Maybe it was because you have something to hide or you know you’re not right You are like the ones who throw the stone and hide the hand But people are realizing who you are while they are treating you People know I’m normally funny The nicest one and always calm But even this good boy has his limit And when that happens he can strike back I keep the harm and betrayal you did to me But knowing that you are horrible and racist with my people, I can’t stand that! If I can kick the ass of more capable and clever people than you You’d only be a snack You came to Mexico saying you were running away from the boys that were after you And you tried to play with the feelings of the excited ones that were with you You thought you had blue blood in my country thinking you could do anything Saying that mexicans are lazy, ignorant and ugly as mud And you used to say shit about my people and about your mexican friends And that cannot be denied, I even have witnesses You used to make fun of our hair-do, look and clothes And used to say mexican girls were just kitties wearing pink dresses But you went too far when you said our women Cannot compare with the “english flower” you said you are You used to take pics of yourself with the not very good-looking ones And you made fun coming back saying they were your mexican boyfriends But don’t try to judge us of being bending ones That’s why I write this from my part and from my people because we’re not bending ones You used to think that the fact of not discriminating black people is enough for not being racist When you’re racist with other people like chinese ones And calling “pakis” to all people from middle east doesn’t make you look very nice And in your case in particular, you were horrible with mexicans I tried to explain to you we have suffered horrible things too Racism and discrimination through our history until present From part of the spanish people who enslaved, tortured and killed my people They brought diseases and stole all our gold Like the gringos who invaded us so many times and took away more than half of our territory Which are, at the end, descendents Of the conquerors ones that you are, english people You have the stereotype of being superbs, narcisists and arrogants And it’s just that people like you are the ones that give the fame of pedantics to your country Your country could give everything you need to you Concerts, roundabouts, darts and opportunities But just like your queen said: the richest country in the world is Mexico And not just because of its beaches, its delicious food and its magic sun And it’s because it still has a lot to offer even though they have sacked us for more than 500 years I also add the joy we have and we transmit Sometimes I have thought you were envy about me Maybe because I shared my happiness to our friends in the parties Without overacting and yelling as you always used to do Also with effort and risk I almost always get what I want Like once tried to find your heart even if I couldn’t get it What I didn’t know is that I was looking for something that simply didn’t exist And everything you used to get were some cocks for offering yourself You used to say I’m sensible, and even though I’m quite tough, I have a melon heart But what happens is that at your side, heartless girl Even the Shawn of the Dead zombies have more heart How good it was to have finished with that relationship Because with no doubt, I deserve something much better And at your side I could have been infected from your stupidity At the beginning, you show yourself like a good hearted girl And I accept I fell into your temptation too You used to pretend you were a ‘dead fly’ And you used to trick everybody But just as Benjamin Franklyn said: I didn’t fail with you I just found 1000 solutions that didn’t work But girl, what makes you think you’re so perfect? If you don’t have anything in your heart nor in your head I heard you’re walking on a shitty way That drugs are finishing with you And that your face is getting uglier and laaarge Let’s add the plus of the coward you are You are not ugly but not pretty either And surely at your age, in a pair of years your limited beauty will end Your tits are flaccid as the ones from an old lady And there is almost nothing of meat in your ass Your fear has always been end up alone and not accepted That’s why you suck any dickhead’s cock that feels like leader of a band Without worring about what I used to feel when you were being groupie And even I was being at your side, you used to ignore me all the time People know I’m open and liberal until certain point As long as it doesn’t affect nor harm my relationship But you used to kiss another guys without telling me anything That’s why and other reasons why I sent you to hell And you even used to get angry saying that it was” normal” in England But the girls from your country used to tell me: she lied to you, we don’t do that in my country! What could I expect from somebody taht thinks for sure that kissing and sleeping with other boys is not cheating?? That reminds me the song you liked that goes like this: “llegando a la fiesta…” And that’s the way I saw you kissing another guys Betrayaling as just a few in this world Slut! I didn’t want to fall in your temptations anymore When I know your body is more “played” (touched) than the songs of the beatles But with the time everybody realized the old hag you are That’s why you always travel looking for temporal friendships You pretend to be a hippy snob just by using a ribbon on your head Consuming always expensive drugs but also beer Even if you used to buy the cheapest food in the supermarket So you could afford your weekly coctel of mdma, weed and coke But don’t you worry, you’re going on the right way You wanted to have a hippy life and you already stink like a pig And while poor people here used to ask you for buying clothes In your stubborness of being hippy you used to scratch and break your jeans to look “radical and in fashion” Everytime you used to talk, your mouth stank And everybody thought you were a crazy junkie You that always thought they called you crazy for being outrageous Little lady, they called you like that because you can’t articulate a word and for annoying But I’m happy you have found a new friend A pussy faggot cutted from the same tree as you One of these who don’t show the face and hide behind lies One that can hold you because you get identified with each other like snakes The one that once called himself friend of mine That respected me and will show me his love Then he propose to you to participate as swinger behind me I won’t say who he is, but next time it goes with name and surname For being too nice I offered my hand and you always took the foot I helped you so many times when you needed me You used to ask me for support everytime you used to feel lonely And I think that’s why you “fell in love” in part Maybe also because I wasn’t so “ignorant” But when I went to visit you, you abandoned me I even tried to make you open your eyes about your racism and you left me on the street As always you kept with your role of never being wrong I felt so lonely and you didn’t even asked or worried about me Everybody used to make fun of you when you were drunk or high I defended you so many times and you betrayed me As you experiment with rats to fight against bad memory and get antidepressants You should take a good dosis of that formula with a plus of harmful ingredients So you’ll always remember these words I’m saying And don’t stay so sad and lonely like a beggar I sign my work with pleasure if they ask for it You just facebooks even if they don’t need it You used to criticize the way I work But it causes me pleasure what I do I hope you like yours as well And don’t turn your life into a waste In your own words you dream about being a prostitute and feel the cock But what you need is the heart they have to live I still remember that you criticized me even about not “talking” so much like you But girl, you didn’t use to talk, you used to cluck!! I never have been interested in being a great conversation artist I prefer to listen well, that really is satisfactory And I can sing this to you and more in person whenever you want Even if it’s in rap, cumbia, or the music you used to like: the reggaeton But I doubt it, you are one of the ones who never show themselves to face problems Even though you always say you like to take “risks” and then face the consecuences You used to ignore me like a dog when you used to do horrible things to me I talked to you face to face and you used to run away with people saying I was a liar I think you are the dog that just bark and doesn’t bite Without guts, coward and still very green to grow up I’d like to make the world better exterminating the ones from your especie The ones who don’t see the efforts and feelings of the people But thinking about it again, rubbish like you need to exist So there can be true and wonderful girls that destiny can bring to us I am open to being critic from some people me if I’m going too far with my words I may even get punched and kicked by your boyfriend But look: I can defend myself, I have arms and legs And more than that guts and my good ideas I don’t struggle to give my message saying things clear and direct I say it to you and not hidden myself behind other people or using indirects I don’t feel guilty because even if I look for the good memories, there aren’t any Because every time I tried, you used to tell me everything I used to do meant nothing to you With the measurement you measure, they will measure you And if I cannot pay you back with the same coin, you will feel my pesos Because I have my dignity, thing that you don’t have but too much of proud And I won’t rest until I see you pay for everything you did to me and my people with your words So now I leave your email next to these words To give bad reputation with the people and so you’ll carry your cross And if you’re thinking about going with your people saying I’m just an asshole I’ll introduce something to you that shows you who’s asshole called “mirror” facebook: Pet Lyons

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